Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcoming 1st post

This is my very first blog, so I guess I will start out by telling you a little about myself.
I am a retired tailor, or as I prefer to be called, an alteration specialist. So now instead of sewing clothes, I sew beads.
I have been married to my husband for 46 years come July 25, 2010. Now if you are thinking, that is a long time, you are right. It sometimes seems like 146 years. However I have to admit it has been a pretty good 46 years for the most part.
For 22+ years my husband supported myself and our two sons, with his career in the USAF. We traveled around the world, living in Europe for about 7 years. 3 1/2 in Germany and 3 1/2 in The Netherlands. The rest of the years we were mostly stationed in the Good Ole U.S.A., Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Texas again, and Florida. Hubby also did his time without the family. He spent 1 year in Goose Bay Labrador, and a year in Vietnam.
After hubby's retirement from the USAF we moved back to our home state of Michigan. After securing jobs we settled in a small town in Southeast, Michigan. We have been in this house for the last 23 years. I had never spent that long in any one house before in my life. And I have to say I am getting itchy feet to move. But I have too many beads to want to move anytime soon.
Our children are now grown, and have provided us with 4 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. They all live in Toledo, Ohio , just across the state line, so we see them on a regular bases.
In the weeks to come I will try to post some pictures of my newest creation. And keep you informed as to my the things at my web store. http:www.


  1. Welcome to the blogville Sue! I'm sure you'll gonna enjoy blogging, like beading - it's addicting too.

    I love your first post! I would love to see your completed works next time. It's a great way to showcase your works here (and for free), so your friends and customers will keep on coming back.:)

    I myself maintain few blogs but I regularly update my stitching and beading blog only.

  2. Sue, welcome in the blogging world! I'm proud to be the first follower and I'd love if you'd add my blog to your reader list, too. So I stay up to date with yur new creations and I look forward to that.