Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's done!!

I have finally finished the Christmas gift I was making for our Priest. It has taken me about 60 hours. Fr. Rooney's cross is about 10.5 x8.5, so it is of substantial size. I have been asked if it could be sewn on a Vestment. I said I could tack it on so that it can be removed for cleaning. However until the new Vestment is purchased, the piece has been put in a frame.
The cross took me so much time that I haven't time to finish the project for the Associate Pastor. However I will finish his, and just give it to him as soon as I finish. The Associate Pastor is from Cameroon, so I am making him his native flag with a cross below it. It is about the size of a checkbook.
So here is the monster project. Next years gift, is getting started the day after Christmas 2010.

Only two days left.

I am nearly finished with my biggest beading project for Christmas. I will post a picture of it later tonight.
I have lots of things to get done today, but later I will post the picture of it.It is huge and has taken $96.00 in beads and about 60 hours to complete.
I already have plans for what I am making next year for this person. I just hope he likes what I have made for him.
Anyway I have to run, I must get to the church to prepare for tonight.
See you later tonight.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One down and a lot to go!!!

My friends mother picked out a nice stone and my friend asked me if I could wire wrap and make it into a pendent. Of course I told her that I could and this is what I came up with. It is a Christmas gift for her mother. She liked it so well that she paid me almost double what I asked for the job. What do you all think? It is done in Sterling Silver wire.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's December 12!!!!

Where did November go? It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying a turkey dinner.
I have tons of things to finish up before Christmas, and only 13 days left. Yeks!!!
I have at least 3 more things to finish, and a couple of parties to attend. How did I do it when I was still working?
I guess when one is working a 40 hour week, they manage their off time better. I had heard so many times before I retired, that others didn't know how they ever had time for a job. Well, I fully understand that statement now. It seems like the day just flies by. Up by 7:30 nap at 1:30 for a couple of hours, and to bed by dark. Just kidding. I sometimes gets to sleep in, but I am never in bed before midnight. Now I may take a nap or two, in my chair, but I earned it.I worked outside the home for some 40+years. Time to take it easy. Easy? when? how? where?
Sorry, I have to run lots to do. I will fill you in on the finished items as I get them done.