Thursday, April 8, 2010

Babies, babies, and more babies

This week, I haven't gotten much done, except help my niece with with her new set of twins. It wasn't the twins I was there for, as much as the other two children. Because my niece had a c-section she isn't allowed to pick up the older two, one will be 3 in July, and the other is 14 months. So we have been just a little busy.
This afternoon my granddaughter, came over and held the babies for awhile. We had a good time just holding and snuggling with the little ones. I love babies, there is just something special about the way their hair smells, and the softness of their little hands.
Tomorrow, I have a peyote beading class to teach, and I am not even ready to do it. It isn't that I have a lot to prepare for it, its' just that, I haven't even written the directions yet. It is just the basic stitch that I am teaching, but I like to have a handout of the directions for the students to take home with them. I am not sure yet, if she is bringing her own directions, that she want me to help her with, or if she is coming with no set idea of what she wants to make.
I don't mind teaching a basic class, in fact I would rather teach a basic class to the customer, before they come and what to make a bracelet or necklace of a stitch, they haven't a clue how to do. It just takes from the rest of the class, if I have to teach the basic class to one student, before she understands what to do, in order to keep up with the rest of the class. If I am going to teach say, 6 people how to make a peyote tube necklace, I would want everyone in the class to have a basic knowledge of peyote. If it is private class than I don't care, however it is better if they have basic knowledge, that way, they would have a better chance of completing the piece in class.

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