Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Very First Bead Embroidery.

I made this piece taking me the better part of 5 weeks. I bought the stones from a vender that comes to the store. I fell in love with the unakite aknew right away what I wanted to do with it.
I went home got my sketch pad and pencil out and processed to put on paper what was in my head.
As I started beading I lost sight of my sketch, it just sort of took on a life of its own. The only thing that resembles my sketch is the placement of stones and the copper sequins. The beads and the colors never changed, but boy did the design change.
I really could use the same sketch for another cuff and no one would know the difference. Anyway it was really funny, how no matter how much I wanted to get back to the original design I just continued to go the way the bracelet told me.
On the brooch I had no sketch just what I had envisioned in my head. I just glues the main stones or beads and started beading.
I wonder what will talk to me next? I have a few turquoise cabachons that I bought from the same vender as the unakite. Although I also have a design sketched for them, I doubt they will turn out to look like the sketch. I guess if it turns out okay I shouldn't ask, just go along with the flow.

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  1. wow, lovely work.It's really a tremendous work of art with those beads.It really worked out well.I love it.It doesn't seems to be your first work.Anyway best jewelry boxes to protect such mind blowing work.