Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

I hope you all are spending time with family and friends. For those in other countries that don't do Thanksgiving, I just wish you a happy healthy day.
I only have to watch my hubby cook the turkey to take to my sisters for dinner. I come from a fairly large family, 5 sisters, and we still all spend the Holiday together. At the last family function I believe there was something like 74 family members there. That is just my sibling, and spouses, their children, the children of their children.and for some us older members of this family it would include, children of our children, and the children of their children. Does that make sense? It does get confusing even for us. LOL In other words, starting with my 92 yr old Mother, 5 generations.
We each bring a dish to pass, and we always have way too much food. Mom, will bring her much loved cake, I am taking the turkey and a couple of lemon meringue pie, and maybe a cappuccino cake. My sister Patti is supplying the house, mashed potatoes and Polish sausage, Terry will bring the veggie tray with dip and a Pumpkin roll, Jill will bring her much loved veggie pizza, and an Angle Food cake.
There is always a game of Rummikub and a table or two of euchre going on for hours. And of course a lot of catching up even thought we are all very close.
The guys will all be watching the football games, and the girls will be in the kitchen cleaning up. Mom will go home early, she doesn't like being out too late. Most of us will stick around way too long, just because we ate too much and find it difficult to move too soon.
I will try and write again, if not tomorrow than Thursday.

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  1. Wow so many people! I'm sure you had lots of leftovers haha. But I'm glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving :D.