Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's December 12!!!!

Where did November go? It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying a turkey dinner.
I have tons of things to finish up before Christmas, and only 13 days left. Yeks!!!
I have at least 3 more things to finish, and a couple of parties to attend. How did I do it when I was still working?
I guess when one is working a 40 hour week, they manage their off time better. I had heard so many times before I retired, that others didn't know how they ever had time for a job. Well, I fully understand that statement now. It seems like the day just flies by. Up by 7:30 nap at 1:30 for a couple of hours, and to bed by dark. Just kidding. I sometimes gets to sleep in, but I am never in bed before midnight. Now I may take a nap or two, in my chair, but I earned it.I worked outside the home for some 40+years. Time to take it easy. Easy? when? how? where?
Sorry, I have to run lots to do. I will fill you in on the finished items as I get them done.


  1. LOL I ask the same question Sue! I can't believe it's christmas time in less than 2 weeks - I still need to finish a lot of jewelry gifts... I think some will end up as Valentines gift as I don't think I can finish them all in time for christmas.

    Oh, and glad to see you blogging again...:)

  2. Thanks Lody, I also am glad to be blogging again. However, I still have a hard time, finding time to do it.