Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's done!!

I have finally finished the Christmas gift I was making for our Priest. It has taken me about 60 hours. Fr. Rooney's cross is about 10.5 x8.5, so it is of substantial size. I have been asked if it could be sewn on a Vestment. I said I could tack it on so that it can be removed for cleaning. However until the new Vestment is purchased, the piece has been put in a frame.
The cross took me so much time that I haven't time to finish the project for the Associate Pastor. However I will finish his, and just give it to him as soon as I finish. The Associate Pastor is from Cameroon, so I am making him his native flag with a cross below it. It is about the size of a checkbook.
So here is the monster project. Next years gift, is getting started the day after Christmas 2010.


  1. Oh Sue, my jaw dropped when I realized that the cross is really ALL BEADS! This is awesome!!!!

  2. Thanks Dagi.
    Yes, to be exact, there are 21960 ( no miss count, twenty one thousand nine hundred sixty) size 11/0 Delicas, stitched one at a time. And I still love to do peyote. LOL
    That should earn me a few prayers toward heaven. Just kidding.