Sunday, May 1, 2011

Margie and Me Color Challenge

Marcie A of LaBellaJoya posts a color challenge on a regular bases, and this is the pallet for the challenge this time. I love the colors in this challenge and I knew as soon as I saw them, what I wanted to create. This is what I created. It is a bracelet that I love. I have also made this in a different color pallet. I just don't have a picture of it yet. I will post one when I get around to taking a picture.


  1. Oohh, I love the ruffles! Ok, gotta get back to the bead table and finish my piece. Look for the post.....sometime tonight!

  2. This really does look awesome! You got the colors down perfectly. I think Princess Grace would be proud!

  3. so nice, this bead bracelet had awesome look.
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  4. your design is awesome. What is the material of the clsoure? Glass or plastic? thanx.I guess pearls bracelets will be amazing as well.thanx for sharing