Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back on the Wagon

I guess I sort of fell off the wagon for a few days, but I am back up now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter for those that believe. Myself, I had a wonderful time. Went to one of my 5 sisters' house for dinner and egg hunt.
I received a phone call early yesterday morning, informing me that my niece had delivered her first baby, a girl named Nola, 8lbs 9oz. Nola was 6 days late in her appearance, I think she will take after her grandma. My sister, is the one in the family that you tell an earlier time to, so she will be on time, you know the type, every family has one LOL. She is very good about getting to work on time, but when it comes to social events, well she is always the last one to show up.
I have finished my piece for Marcie's 'Marge and me challenge'. I finished it a week ago, and I can hardly wait to post the picture of it. I got it finished early, knowing that I would be headed to NC to visit my grand daughter and her family on the 29th. I will take my laptop with me and get it posted to both my blog and to Marcie's blog. If you aren't a follower of Marcie, I will give you a 'feed' to her site when I post the picture. That way you will be able to see all the entries to her challenge. I always have a wonderful time when I do one of Marcie's challenges. She always comes up with some great color schemes.
That is it for today, I can't show my newest yet, so come back on the 30th and I will reveal my challenge piece.
Till then, happy beading.


  1. Stopped by to see your piece!!! I can't wait till you get it posted. I'll check back soon!

  2. It's up now Marcie, I got it post before I left for church this morning.
    I am in NC now till the 8th. Maybe I will make it to Wilmington before I head back north again.
    Have a happy beady day!