Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am back.

I have been really under the weather. I have had a real bad sinus infection, and just now getting back to my blog.
What has been going one other than my health. I was given the title of ' designer' by the owner of the store I work at two days a week at. When I went to work on Friday, I found a package on the counter with a note saying " Sue this is for you." It was four boxes of business cards with my name and under that the title ' Designer'. Boy, was I surprised to say the least. I never had a hint that she had ordered these.
Yesterday I finally able to get out with my golf league. I won't talk about how bad I played, I will just say I enjoyed the fresh air and the company of my golf buddies.
I often sell my things to my golf buddies. They are some of my best customers, and are always eager to see what I have new. Well, to make a long story short, one of my friends asked me if I would get together several things, for her to setup in her husbands law office. She has done this before and I really make a bit of money. She enjoys doing it and I always reward her with several pieces made especially for her. She is such a sweet heart. When I went to the office with my plastic shoebox full of my makings, I was able to meet several of the office staff. I was very pleased to hear things like, " I am so glad to finally meet the 'jewelry lady' " and "I love the things I bought the last time and I am so glad I get a chance to buy more". I am so thankful for having such wonderful friends.
I have a couple of new designs I am working on, and I promise I will post some of my designs here, on my blog when I get a chance to do so. Although I have read horror stories of some designs being stolen from peoples blog site. I don't understand why people what to do such a thing. I guess, they just don't have their own ideas, so they have to steal from someone else .
Today I am heading out to Harbor Freight to scout the store to see what I can find to add to my jewelry workshop. I am going to buy the metal stamping set. They are on sale for $4.99 this week. I called the store yesterday to make sure that they had some in stock. So while I am there I will walk the isles to see what else I can find. I love thinking outside the box. I am also going to stop at Lowes. I was there a couple of weeks ago and had an idea when I see this one item in their many handy isles. I will post a picture of what I find, and what I do with it.
The other day I was on my way to my youngest son's business when I see a 'garage sale' sign. Well I stopped and didn't see too much, till I spotted a box full of wire. It was full of several different types of wire. Doorbell wire, telephone wire, speaker wire, and so forth. I spotted one small bundle of wire. I am not sure what type of wire it was, other than it was copper, and was a double wire wrapped in white plastic. I could see that it was two solid core copper wires and according to the writing on the white plastic, it was 18 gauge. The gentleman wanted $13 for the whole box, so I asked him if he would take 25 cents for the one piece of wire. He said he would, so I quickly handed him a quarter. I told him he could still sell the rest of the box for the $13 and he smiled. I am so pleased with the wire. I haven't had time, as of yet to strip it and do some twisting, which I so want to get the time to do. I love working with copper wire. I most often buy my copper wire from HomeDepot, it is fairly inexpensive and I can buy the size and length that I want.
I am off to do some hardware shopping <> it all goes into my studio, who would have guessed.

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  1. Oh Sue, I'm so envious with your jewelry business! First of, your golf buddies are your best customers not to mention they're good friends as well. Moreso, you get to sell at offices, that's so cool!
    Wish we have Harbor Freight nearby, I've always wanted to buy those stamping set. If only they cold deliver them for free, I would purchase online. LOL
    And I can't believe I haven't been to any garage sale this year. DH go "sale-ing" with me in the weekends, kinda like part of our exercise. LOL It's windy here lately so but I hope weather will cooperate next weekend so I can start hunting cheap but yummy goodies.:)
    In stitches,