Sunday, April 17, 2011

Darn I Missed Day 9

Darned I was going to blog after dinner tonight, but I made a mistake and sat down in my Lazy Girl (AKA Lazy Boy) and I fell asleep. It is now 12:18 am on Monday morning, I missed to blog on the 9th straight day, and I was doing so good. So I guess I will blog now, and again later for a second time on this day.
It was a cold and nasty day again today. I don't know what happened to spring or global warming, but I think it left Southeastern Michigan. They are calling for snow sometime before daylight. I was expecting to play golf this afternoon, but I can see that golf will not happen for me today, if we have snow. I am a fair weather golfer, and snow and fair weather are nowhere near close together in my dictionary.
Okay, here is my show and tell for today. Or I should say my first of two show and tells of the day. This is a ring I made and donated to a silent auction. The auction were run by the teens in our church. They have been profit sharing for the last 3 years, to be able to go to World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain this year. It is a 10 day youth rally and the Pope will be there as well. The ring is made of Swarvoski crystals and seed beads. The design was from a web site in Korea. The design called for different beads. I changed it up because I thought that it would be beautiful in crystal, and I was right.

I need to get busy and make some more, or at this rate of 'show and tell' I am going to run out of shows.

Happy beading till later in the day when I will be back to post again.

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