Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 10!!!!

This Monday the 18th and the 10th day of blogging. This morning when I blogged it was about 20 minutes after midnight. I was surprised today to see that it posted as Sunday April 18. It must be that wherever Blog spot is, it isn't in Eastern time zone.
I woke up this morning and all the grass had turned white. So, needless to say I didn't play golf, but neither did anyone else for that matter. We had our meeting, sat and gabbed for a little bit, than all went our separate ways. Next week when our like officially starts, I hope we don't have the white stuff on the ground. Instead of playing golf I went shopping and bought a new TV table. Hubby helped me put it together. Then we had had to rearrange the family room, it looks great. That is everything except my messy work desk. It used to look like this, but now it is such a mess, I won't even share a current picture of the area. I really need to spend some time cleaning the area, but that will mean less beading time. :(
The tray is a former bread tray. It used to have a slatted board that went on top, and that would allow you to cut the bread evenly. Well, it was just the right size for me to use on my lap while I sit in my Lazy Girl chair and beaded. So it was banished form the kitchen to my beading area.

That is my blog for today. I will return tomorrow with a new show and tell.
Till tomorrow, happy beading.

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