Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 8 And Still Blogging

Today is a nasty, rainy day, so it is a good day to sit and just blog.
I have decided, that blogging is way too much fun. I can sit and talk about myself, and what I'm doing, without anyone changing the subject on me. So kool!! And I guess, if you tire of listening to me, and to what I'm doing, you can always just turn me off, I wouldn't even know it. :(

Anyway, today I will be going to my local LBS, to teach a few people how to make my heart link sterling silver bracelet. I offered this class to do on a Saturday early afternoon. Because I have heard so many people express that, they just aren't able to swing a week night class, I decided to try a day time Saturday class. This is the very first weekend class offered at Joan's store. Than yesterday, someone inquired about the class and stated that it would have been better for them in the evening, and asked to be put on the list for a night class for the bracelet. Can't please everyone. I guess, that is why Joan has a hard time filling her classes. Everyone wants, whatever she isn't teaching that week. Anyway, that is what I have planned for this rainy Saturday after noon.
In one of my very first blogs, I posted that I was sort of afraid to post pictures of my things, because of the huge problem with stealing designs off the internet. The world has gotten smaller now, but much larger. Does that make sense? What I mean is. so many more people can view into your windows (excuse the pun for all you MAC users), and steal whatever you have on display. Some people are just not ethical when it comes to the rights of others. I am a firm believer, of the rights of the designer. In fact, the other day I posted about a ring I had made. Well, what you didn't know, is that before I posted that ring to my blog, even though I stitched it myself, I got permission from the designer, Kelly owner of 'Off the Beaded Path'. I called her at 10am that morning, before I ever published that picture. I just didn't want to step on her toes. I must say, she was very nice, and was glad to have me post the picture. I also gave her full credit for the design and gave a hot link to her site. So I just hope that all the people that see my pieces respect my rights and don't copy my pieces. I make pretty much one of a kind pieces, but that is by design. So please respect mine and everyone rights, and come up with your own designs, or get permission from the designer. It is easy and most of them are like Kelly, gracious and willing to share. Okay off my soap box.
TA DA!!! Now for show 'n' tell. This piece is what I made my friend Joan for Christmas. Joan is the owner of my local LBS. The broach is about 2 1/2" - 3" across. I bought the focal piece off of e-bay, therefore I am not positive to just what it is, I just knew it was a stone, and I liked it. I used glass pearls, and Swarovski crystals alone with size 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads. The back is a scrap piece of suede, I bought at Hobby Lobby. The pin is glued to the broach and then the suede is glued to the broach, sandwiching the the pin between, making it very sturdy.
That's my blog for today.
Until tomorrow, Happy beading!

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