Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wow! day 4 and I'm still blogging.

Well, here I am again. Making good on my promise to keep bogging.
Today I am going to share with you some thoughts about my Great Grand Daughter. Yes, that would be the oldest child of my Grand daughter.
Now, she is 7 going on 16. What a hoot she is. She is extremely bright, just like her Mom. Not to mention cute as a bug. Although she is only in the 1st grade she is reading at a 6th grade level. Says she wants to be the President when she grows up. I see Harvard in her future.
Now she has always been very athletic. She was climbing the rock wall at the park since she was 3 years old.
Well, yesterday in gym class, her teacher told the class that they were going to climb the robes as high as they could. She than, told her teacher, well that will be a piece of cake. LOL Then her teacher just had to ask her, why she thought that climbing the robes was going to be a piece of cake. She replied, that it was because, she was half girl and half monkey. The teacher than turn to say something to someone else, and when she turned back, my little monkey was at the top of the ropes.
When I talked to her on the phone this morning, she said after she got to the top of the rope, she looked down and actually got a little scared. I asked what she did when she got scared, and she replied, I just closed my eyes for a moment and told myself I could make it down, not to worry.
Tomorrow I will share with you another of my pieces I have made.
Cheers, and happy beading.

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